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Single channel speech / music separation

(3rd February 2022)

Hu­mans are nat­urally ca­pa­ble of sep­arat­ing an ob­ject from the back­ground of an im­age, or speech from mu­sic on an au­dio clip. Photo edit­ing is an easy task, but per­son­ally I don't know how to re­move mu­sic from the back­ground. A first ap­proach would be to use band-pass fil­ters, but it wouldn't re­sult in a sat­is­fac­tory end re­sult since there is so much over­lap be­tween the fre­quen­cies. This ar­ti­cle de­scripbes a su­per­vised learn­ing ap­proach on solv­ing this prob­lem.

Languages: Python Keras
Tags: Signal Processing FFT