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Automatic file maneger in PHP

(14th July 2013)

I got tired of man­ually or­ga­niz­ing my down­loads folder, and af­ter not be­ing happy with ex­ist­ing so­lu­tions I de­cided to write a PHP script which would en­able me to eas­ily con­fig­ure new rules for file and folder man­age­ment. This is achieved by hav­ing a flex­ible class hi­er­ar­chy, so that you don't end up re­peat­ing your­self when con­fig­ur­ing new rules and ac­tions.

Languages: PHP
Tags: Regular Expressions

English hyphenation algorithm in PHP

(10th July 2013)

A good pre­sen­ta­tion about hy­phen­ation in HTML doc­uments can be seen here, but it is client side (JavaScript) ori­ented. Ba­si­cally you shouldn't use jus­ti­fied text un­less it is hy­phen­ated, be­cause long words will cause huge spaces be­tween words to make the line stretch out the whole width of the el­ement. I found a few PHP scripts such as ph­pHy­phen­ator 1.5, but typ­ically they weren't im­ple­mented as a sin­gle stand-alone PHP class. Since the un­der­ly­ing al­go­rithm is fairly sim­ple, I de­cided to write it from scratch.

Languages: PHP
Tags: Hyphenation Blog GitHub Data Structures
GitHub: nikonyrh/hyphenator-php